After my wife and I found out we were having our first child, it was time for us to move out of our apartment, buy our first home and start our family! Although the process was exciting, it was often stressful. Investing most of our cash on hand in order to put a down payment on our home was a big risk. Between the lender, the sellers and especially our inspector, those risks were not always supported by clear communication and direction. There were even a few occasions where we thought our dream of owning a home wasn’t going to happen.

If there was anything we learned from our experience, it was this:

work with people we can trust and people who have our best interest at heart.

We were making the biggest purchase of our lives and we needed someone who was looking out for our investment; putting our trust in their abilities and knowledge in their area of expertise to help us make an informed decision. After closing, we found things that our inspector missed. The items weren’t difficult to fix, but the conditions could have been deadly if they weren’t addressed. What if I didn’t find those defects? How many people are in the same situation we were?

After going through this process, I decided to go into the Home Inspection business. I have made it my mission to provide our clients with the best service possible and give them what we wish we had with our first home, peace of mind

With a background in construction, carpentry and plumbing, along with intensive training, continued education in various systems within a home (HVAC, Electrical, plumbing, etc) and our attention to detail, AGHI has the knowledge and expertise you can rely on in helping you make the right decision for you, your family and your home!


Why should I choose AG Home Inspections?

There are many factors that set us apart from other home inspection companies in the triangle area, here are just a few:

  • We inspect everything. The NC Home Inspector Licensure Board only requires inspectors to inspect a representative number of receptacles, windows and doors. At AG Home Inspections, we check everything we can physically get to. I’ve found receptacles with reversed polarity (where the hot and neutral wires are reversed) in many homes that I would have missed if I just performed the minimum standards of the NCHILB.
  • Our value. We believe in more than just a paycheck. We believe in helping families find a home where they can share memories that will last a lifetime. Our primary focus is you and your investment, and we always have your best interest in mind. We provide the very best service possible, and our job isn't complete until you're 100% satisfied with our services. Not only do we provide a thorough home inspection, with a report within 24 hours of the inspection, we also provide many other services, such as: Radon Testing, Pest & Termite Inspections, Septic Inspections, Well Water Testing and Mold & Air Quality Testing, making us a "one stop shop" for all your inspection needs. With our satisfaction guarantee, our customer service and all the services we provide, you can rest assure that you're getting more than just an Inspection, you're getting peace of mind. At AG, you're not just a client, you're family!

What does "AG" stand for?

AG stands for Adalyn Grace, named after our first baby girl. We had two precious hours with our Addy Grace before she went home to be with Jesus. Our company is a way to honor her. A portion of the funds of every home inspection we perform will go to help raise awareness for Anencephaly and will hopefully help bring some comfort to many grieving families. 


Let us help give you the peace of mind you need before you purchase your home.

at AG Home Inspections, OUR PASSION IS IN OUR NAME. 

you’re not just a client, you’re family.